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About Us

Thank you for coming to Ivnis, first, you will find that thousands of products are offered at incredible price in here.

We are a leading brand in worldwide of dresses custom made online, here we are offering the latest and most popular dresses for all customers who choose us. At the beginning when you come into our site, the customer service representatives are distributed one-to-one service for VIP customers. Each dress is custom made, the dress will closely fit on you if your measurements are all right. Please be noted that size is of the first magnitude for us to make a dress, that is why we suggest people choose customized size instead of a standard size, because standard size is not suitable for everyone. We are always dedicated in producing the most beautiful dresses with high quality, so your satisfaction is the greatest encouragement to us. We also hope that girls will be the shinning star on her big day or events when she is putting our dress on.

Tenet of our company: quality assurance and survival for good reputation to server our customers wholeheartedly.

Ivnisis short for business to customer, we help ladies with their final dreams come true. The only purpose for us is focusing on the particulars; seeking perfection and making every bridal looks like a careful piece of artwork. Our main design style is simple and fluent, nither limited by fashion element nor have redundant and exaggerated ornamentation on the dress. Instead, we are normally come with feminine characteristics of elegant, light and romantic, seldom has inappropriate changes.

No matter which color and type of character you are, there is no one can withstand allure against the dresses we’ve made. Most people choose us to make dresses is because we are reliable and the dress we made is perfect and fantastic. To make sure the dress is wearing more comfortable, gossamer and firm fabric is one of our unique features. In addition, we are always concerned about the fabric feature, glossy made and stereo tailored, even more cared about the particulars. After all, the purpose of marriage is in pursuit of perfection. Every dress was custom made by handwork and reflect our flawless design concept in all respects.